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Our experience shows that businesses can improve performance significantly by finding what aspects of the business are under contributing to the overall performance, determining the root causes, and then supporting the change efforts required to rectify those causes and embed changes firmly into the corporate culture for long term, continuing benefit.

Our experienced consultants have worked with major global corporations including Boeing, General Motors, Allied Signal, Hitachi Data Systems, Schlumberger, and in the Kingdom, we have provided consulting services for the Hoshan Group.

We view a company in terms of its Architecture, Value Chains, and People and look for aspects that are working well, or less well, according to the performance measurements, and what is preventing it from significant improvement.

Dr. Allan G. Hagelthorn

Senior Principal

Tel: 01.509.850.7549

Email: dr.allan@melangeglobal.com


Dr. Hagelthorn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation and a Master of Arts in Public Management and holds a Doctor of Management degree from the University of Phoenix (Organizational Leadership). His extensive background in management and leadership training spans across many cultural divides. Dr. Hagelthorn has been providing consulting services for organizations in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries and is currently the senior principal at Mélange Global Solutions.


As a consultant for the Boeing Company, Dr. Hagelthorn was responsible for the successful integration of the most complex electrical system ever designed for a commercial aircraft simulator. When the Weyerhaeuser Company was challenged to reduce costs and increase performance, his team analyzed departmental operations and made recommendations that resulted in reducing personnel while improving response time by consolidating essential services


Dr. Hagelthorn has provided community and media relations assistance to business, government, communities, and the media organizations since 1977. He has experience in handling the media on sensitive issues such as: Federal Auto Emissions Certification and Fuel Economy Standards with the U.S. EPA, Hazardous Site Remediation for the U.S. Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence, and policy for nuclear weapons with the Strategic Air Command.


Dr. Hagelthorn has extensive experience as an instructor, teacher, and facilitator. Education and training were a major component of his experience in the military. As an instructor pilot for the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program (ENJJPT), a unique organization comprised of instructors from thirteen different nations providing quality and consistent training for new fighter pilots, Dr. Hagelthorn was recognized for his classroom instruction, platform instruction, and in-flight instruction in an extremely technical, demanding, and fluid environment.


Additionally, Dr. Hagelthorn served as the Chief of Standardization tasked with the responsibility to oversee all education, training, and standardization for over 600 highly specialized experts in their field. His effectiveness in teaching conventional operations to these experts resulted in one of the most successful air campaigns in modern history, Operation Desert Storm.


Tim Quartly-Watson

Senior Principal

Email: tim-qw@melangeglobal.com


Tim Quartly-Watson  has more than 30 years of experience in technical, financial, operational, and marketing management, both as an executive and as a consultant. He is an expert in extracting simplicity from complexity, helping companies to understand how their business actually function, revealing the core contradictions and enabling them to focus on, and fix, the core underlying issues. Using a combination of Executive Alignment, Business Process Architecture, Constraint Analysis, and Workflow, he has helped a number of companies identify the key constraints preventing them from increasing revenue and reducing costs, and helped them make the changes required to remove those constraints.

Tim has wide international experience, working in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East in roles ranging from Field Engineer, Country Operations Manager and European Marketing Manager in the Oil Services Sector, to CEO of a U.S. Winery. He has consulted for General Motors, Europe, British Airways, Hitachi Data Systems and Nissan UK and Shell UK and Hoshan, Saudi Arabia.

Tim holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College, London and has a Masters in Management form the London Business School. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Sloan Fellow and is a Project Management Professional.



Dr. Herb Nold


Tel: 01.863.397.2865

Email: Dr.herb@melangeglobal.com


Dr. Nold earned a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree from the University of Phoenix, School of Advanced Studies and hold Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in education from Northern Illinois University. In addition, Dr. Nold is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by virtue of additional education at the University of Texas at Dallas. His extensive experience includes manufacturing operations, information technology, human resources, quality assurance, procurement, legal, and international business in public and private companies in diverse industries gives him a unique perspective when consulting or leading countless growth or change projects.


As an internal consultant with Texas Instruments Dr. Nold lead an interdisciplinary team to establish TI’s first defense electronics manufacturing operation on continental Europe. The model and processes used in this first endeavor became the basis for future expansion worldwide.   Faced with declining market share, profit margins, and overall sales Dr. Nold, as Chief Financial Officer at Piezo Technology, Inc. introduced innovative management systems and processes, was instrumental in achieving ISO9001 certification, established efficient offshore manufacturing operations in India, and facilitated sales into numerous countries outside the United States.


Dr. Nold has extensive training and experience as a teacher, coach, and facilitator that evolved into an effective project and change management process. Applying his unique expertise he has lead numerous ERP system or subsystem implementations leading to fundamental improvements in organizational efficiency and cultural changes. As a key member of Universal Technical Institute’s PeopleSoft Implementation Steering Committee, Dr. Nold orchestrated training programs needed to implement the system at the corporate office and ten remote campuses spread throughout the United States. His ability to analyze and break down complex situations into readily understandable elements and effectively communicate all aspects of the situation is widely recognized.


Janine Bay Teske




Janine Bay Teske has twenty-eight years of diverse leadership experience in product development and design, strategic planning, program management, organizational change and business strategy. Janine has been successful as both a change agent and as an advocate for change. She has a consistent track record of achievement through the use of creative solutions, team building, and goal setting.


At Ford Motor Company, Janine created the corporate technology life cycle plan defining target program applications and implemented a process to manage the necessary resources to support program implementation. Knowledgeable about corporate adaptability and agility, Janine developed Ford’s product strategy, business metrics, and marketing plans necessary to address the resurgence of the performance automobile market.


Janine was selected to become a member of the Ford Motor Company Capstone Leadership Project, a select member of the Ford Leadership Team to develop solutions to the rising cost of doing business. The team was given six months to develop processes to transform corporate norms and develop a new business structure. The efforts of the team reduced corporate fixed costs by 20 percent.


As the Director of the redesigned Mustang automobile, Janine directed and approved all vehicle line activity including product actions, marketing, strategy, business structure and quality with in in-cycle investment of $750 million, realizing an annual profit of nearly $300 million.


Janine received the Society of Automotive Breed Women’s Leadership award and was elected to the Top 100 Women In the Auto Industry. She was also elected to the Ford Motor Company Mustang Hall of Fame. Her efforts have been recognized by several professional organizations and publications such as Fast Company Magazine, Motor Trend, Car and Driver Magazine and Society of Automotive Engineers





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