Business Process Management


Finding processes that can be improved is generally not an issue. Indeed, a company often identifies many opportunities that are tempting to work on simultaneously. However, our experience shows that a company is seldom equipped to make many changes concurrently. There are simply not enough resources and so delays are inevitable, results don’t meet expectations, followed by the usual reaction that another management initiative has failed.


Prioritization is a must. First processes that contribute to the performance gap are analyzed in detail with the teams to find the root causes of the problem and then projects are proposed to move the performance from the current to desired level. By selecting and prioritizing from a portfolio of proposed projects, company resources are not wasted on less critical projects.


Successful change depends first on senior executives being aligned with and completely committed to the planned changes, second on the clear communication to the organization of that commitment and the provision of the resources required and third the structure that permits the changes to occur and the teams to actually make the changes.

KPIs & Scorecards to Drive Performance Improvement Across the Enterprise