Leadership Development

Just exactly what is leadership? Based on the number of leadership books available makes it clear nearly every researcher has their own view of the subject. Leadership in one form or another has been around as long as humankind existed. It has taken many forms and it has changed dramatically since man has evolved. With the caveman, leadership was usually won by the strongest member, as humankind evolved business had leaders determined by wealth and prestige. But in the last three hundred years as a result of the industrial revolution there has been an exponential growth in leadership and models of leadership. The leadership revolution could never have taken place if the Industrial revolution never happened. Businesses were forced to look outside of ones standing to find leaders. This change in leadership is as dramatic as the industrial revolution itself.


There are many different leadership styles and even more consultants claiming their leadership program is the best fit for your organization. Every organization and every leader is different. There is no one best leadership style for your organization. Most leaders practice a combination of many different styles from transformation to autocratic.


In the global arena, understanding leadership practices in different cultures is necessary to understand the reasons for the success or failure of cultural integration. Leaders can and often need to change their behavior to adapt to a multicultural environment. Good leadership practices, cultural education, and training are some of the elements necessary for effective cross-national leadership. Effective cross-cultural leaders (a) have an open mind, (b) easily adapt to changing situations, and (c) make successful integration of differing cultures a priority.


At MéLange, we work with every level within the organization examining the culture of the organization, the environment, and the people who are the organization. We will guide the members of the organization from both top down to bottom up to create a culture of leadership that is most effective for the organization.