Post-Merger Integration

Building trust in a new, cross-border organization requires new ideas, new thinking, and cultural intelligence. Organizational leaders who lack experience in dealing with cultural diversity often experience conflicts when exploring mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships. “This inability to understand the other's business culture has cost multinationals so much money many have now put culture awareness at the top of their management agenda”


Culture clash as the biggest factor in the failure of global partnerships. Understanding and integrating culture into partnerships has not been a priority, and for many organizations, the first experience with different cultural ideas and attitudes occurs after completion of the merger. Culture clashes between organizations contribute to low commitment among workers and a lack of cooperation between organizations, leading to a decline in operating performance.  Understanding cultural differences is the key component to the success or failure of a cross-border alliance.


Planning is the key to the success of any partnership. The amount of planning before and during due diligence depends on many factors (e.g., commitment, resources, and financial incentives). Premerger planning on the part of the acquiring organization has resulted in successful partnerships and merging of cultures after integration


Working with the two organizations, the MéLange team will help the merger teams to identify:

  1. The personal values of individuals in the organization
  2. The perception of cultural values among organizational members
  3. The cultural values that members of both organizations desire from the partnership

We want your new organization to succeed and we will bring the tools and experience necessary for you to accomplish that goal.