Who we have learned from...

Just like daily life, we must all continue to learn.  Not only do we at Melange help your organization to learn more effective methods, but we also learn from you of how we must change and adapt.


Members of our team have provided services for hundreds of clients.  We take the knowledge from our team members experience and apply the successes to our knowledge base and learn from mistakes.  This philosophy allows us to change and adapt just as our clients need to change and adapt to a changing market.


The Hoshan Group invested a significant amount of time and resources to achieve a higher level of capability needed to manage change and enable the organization to move closer to achieving their vision.  A formalized approach and structure for change management through the CMO was established.  A well-documented and robust enterprise process architecture and a prioritized set of change initiatives were created that aligned strategies.  The organization was positioned to “change the way Hoshan changes” and reap the benefits of its investments in transformation. With the CEO’s leadership, senior management’s alignment, and Change Management Office competencies in place the organization has the people needed to make change successful. 


Dr. Hagelthorn, working with leaders throughout Weyerhaeuser helped bring a diverse group of people together to pursue a common goal and developed a strong, productive, and cohesive team to identify methods and processes necessary to deliver value to the customer by leveraging size and efficiencies in shared services. The teams analyzed departmental operations and made recommendations resulting in reducing personnel while improving response time by consolidating essential services and communications between corporate services and other departments within the company. These efforts helped obtain a recurring savings of $135 million annually by consolidating essential services between company businesses and departments within the company.


As a consultant for the Boeing Company, Dr. Hagelthorn was responsible for the successful implementation of the most complex electrical system ever designed for a commercial aircraft simulator. He took a program over a year behind schedule, reorganized the team, and approached the program with new leadership. His team was successful in redesigning the electrical system that would be able to function in a simulator specific environment.




Dr. Hagelthorn designed and implemented a total community relations program while under a contract for the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He has been heavily involved in issues concerning RCRA and CERCLA compliance, contaminated soil remediation, intrinsic remediation, and natural attenuation projects. His responsibilities included establishing and coordinating all community relations activities such as environmental education programs, news releases, brochures, fact sheets, press conferences, public meetings, and the production of info-videotapes at sites throughout the Midwest. His efforts to establish a standardized community relations program that can be modified to suit the individual customer’s needs has resulted in giving the customer a personalized and effective community relations program at a reduced cost.


Dr. Hagelthorn provided environmental consulting services to the Bexar Metropolitan Water District, San Antonio, Texas and authored a "white paper" on consumer attitudes towards water conservation issues. Due to recent reorganization and refinancing, Bexar Met had the obligation to implement a water conservation education program for the community. San Antonio is the largest city in the world that relies solely on one source of water to meet its needs. Dr. Hagelthorn took the unique approach to develop hands on education programs for high school science classes. Students were given the opportunity to see first hand how water is pumped from the aquifer, treated, transported and metered to the customer. Dr. Hagelthorn also coordinated and moderated a highly successful teleconference on safe drinking water produced by American Water Works Association and sponsored by the Bexar Metropolitan Water District in cooperation with the University of Texas.




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